Technical Design, Implementation and Project Management

SISL is committed to provide its clients with the best available professional support when it comes to design, integration and deployment of technology solutions. Our certified engineers and project managers are experts in their field with certifications in leading technologies.

We provide onsite and remote design and implementation services as well as implementation and deployment for a range of ICT projects through our professional services.

  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure
  • Cloud and Data Center Transformation
  • Hybrid Storage and Data Protection Solutions
  • End Point Security and Intrusion Detection Firewall
Solution Architecture and Design Support
Offsite Configuration Services
Integration and Installation Services
Project Management

Solution Architecture and Design Support

SISL provides the right flight plan for successful deployment and adoption of technology solutions. Our UK and offshore teams of certified engineers and technicians hold the highest orders of vendor accreditations in the best-in-class technologies providing end solution that meets your expected business results.

Our team is equipped with a number of major vendors certified solution architects (such as Microsoft, VMWare, Dell, HP, Cisco, Netapp and Commvault certified professionals) and qualified technical engineers based locally in the UK as well as at our various global offices. We cost-effective, straight forward and innovative solution design services.

Cost Optimisation

Our solution architects deliver cost effective, highly efficient, available, resilient and secure IT solutions supported by ongoing assessment and operational services

Simplified Approach

Our engineers endeavour to simplify the management and administration of your IT by adopting the best-in-class innovative solutions in their approach regarding our strategy, architecture, implementation and migration services

Innovation and Agility

Our engineers understand your business and work with you to bring the required level of agility and accessibility to your business processes. Our experienced design consultants strategically position workloads for maximum responsiveness, productivity and growth

Integration and Installation Services

At SISL we strive for hundred percent success for your medium to large scale technology deployments by providing integration and installation services that are underpinned by our full commitment to quality and timely delivery, industry’s best practices and are specifically tailored to your technology refresh projects.

SISL brings experience in national, regional, and single site deployments across a variety of industries, including financial, healthcare, insurance, hospitality, and food service. We provide integration and installation services for a   range of IT projects such as and not limited to:

Hyperconverged Server Infrastructure
Hyperconverged Storage
Hybrid Cloud Migrations; and
Other Traditional Server Compute or Emerging Technology Deployments.

Offsite Configuration Services

SISL provides offsite configuration services for a range of hardware prior to its deployment.  We provide on-site as well as off-site service support for desktops, laptops, servers, network hardware, routers and switches.

Our qualified engineers and certified technicians are able to pre-configure any type of hardware prior to deployment at our Nottingham or Uxbridge based integration centers and significantly reduce the downtime and on-site activity. We also pre-configure, tag and image all your desktops, laptops, servers, network hardware, routers and switches for our clients.

Project Management

Our PRINCE 2 qualified IT project managers undertake the hardest work of coordinating the working process to implement your idea.  They can get onboard at any stage of the project, but the biggest success comes to our clients when our project managers work along with their team from the onset of project analysis and estimation.

SISL’s project managers listen to our clients and gain understanding of every technical detail well enough to estimate its value for the overall success of the project.

Our project management services typically include the following:

Leading Projects from Analysis and Scheduling Stages to Supporting the Released Product
Determining the Requirements and Resources
Preparing Schedules for Project Implementation
Creating and Maintaining Technical and Project Documentation
Performing Team Assessment and Evaluation
Managing Day-to-Day Pperational Aspects of Project and Scope Control
Effectively Predicting, Preventing and Solving Project Issues
Before starting the project, our managers will provide you with detailed development strategy. Knowing the entire plan, you as a client will be able to make adjustments, track the work in process or manage it yourself, if needed.  Correct estimation of time needed for project implementation is important to keep the project on schedule and within budget.  Our project managers are able to control teams of IT experts scattered all over the world. As the client, you can always follow the development process easily. We use a transparent and secure project management system that prepares daily and/or weekly reports for you to keep a track of the project.