Product Development

SISL offers cost-effective offshore product development services which provide significant cost and time-to-market reduction for businesses. Our expertise lies in envisioning a product that meets client’s expectations and aligns well with their growth strategies. 

We incorporate new technology architecture in product development and offer a multitude of benefits to our clients. Our greatest strength lies in adapting to the changing business requirement and delivering optimum quality.

application dev
Application Development Services

SISL brings emerging technologies and the latest digital trends to the clients and help them re-imagine their digital products and reinvent their business prospects. With the use of core technologies in our web development, mobile app development and other digital services, we enable our clients to deliver outstanding value through website and mobile applications.

We believe that tech-based strategies and solutions are critical to the success of any business. Whatever you want to create, sell or share can be done effectively with a website design that ensures effective yet enjoyable digital experiences. Our offshore team of software developers, QA engineers and UX experts can transform any website projects from ordinary to extraordinary. 

We are committed to make business plans a success by offering unique websites, custom domain names and the ability to monetize the websites with ads. Our experts for website development are skilled at delivering robust, functional outputs by considering all aspects of website designing and complex APIs. With end-to-end website development, thorough quality assurance and continuous optimization, we can turn your ideas into reality. 

You can choose from a list of pre-existing website designs

  •      Continuous improvement based on user behaviour and analytics
  •       Back-end system integration
  •     User-centric approach throughout the stages of development
  •     Supported by CRM and back-end system integration

Mobile applications are revolutionizing the way businesses are functioning in the digital world. Numerous mobile applications are developed every day by businesses to reinforce their brand and increase visibility and accessibility. With our day-to-day lives becoming mobile centric, our teams have also adopted this capability of delivering innovative mobile application solutions.

With the in-depth understanding of current digital marketing strategies and the emphasis on optimal user experience, we are making mobile application development services accessible to all. We deliver native applications for iOS and Android mobile platforms that ensure high speed stability and increased integration level. Our mobile application design services extend to the stage of preparing apps to be published easily at Google Play and AppStore. Further, with usage analytics and A/B testing, we assist our clients at every stage to ensure higher conversions and u­ser acceptance.

  •  App development with creative designing, swift & efficient planning
  •  Social network integration
  •  Usage analytics and A/B testing
  •  AppStore and Google Play publication
  • Integrating brand values with the app design
  • Cloud mobility solution
  • App prototyping and strategy

With UI/UX design expertise, we bring a visual communications approach to all types of user interface. At the same time, we also focus on the programming and marketing aspects of any UI/UX design. A creative and effective screen-based experience is our priority for any types of website or mobile application. By adopting the current best practices and conventions in UI/UX design, we assist our clients at every stage, right from defining a project’s strategy to creating information architecture, developing wireframes and sitemaps.

SISL specializes in delivering appealing UI/UX designs that are in sync with our client’s goals and vision. Our team of UI/UX strategists look at the larger picture and address all possible touch points of targeted visitors to handcraft innovative design experiences – simple, intuitive and efficient. Powerful UI/UX of a website or mobile app is the key to higher user retention rate and deliver higher ROI for your business.   Through rigorous UI and UX design audits, our technical experts and strategists identify and evaluate the challenges faced by users on your website and provide actionable recommendations.

  • Review of business and user objectives
  •  Analysis of current and target users
  • Symantec approach to audit
  • Tracking of website/ app traffic & engagement
  • Keeping track of conversion metrics
  •  Usability heuristics & Mental modelling
  •  Compliance with UX standards

Quality assurance should be integrated quite early in your new product development process. It will help you enhance the process performance and critical product characteristics.  Whether you want to optimize the performance of your website, mobile app, online marketplace or e-commerce, you need to ensure quality of your platform.

We work closely with our clients and ensure that everything is quality tested and delivered perfectly across all relevant devices and browsers.

  • Examining different elements of your website and mobile application
  • Looking for bugs, broken links, glitches, errors and the points of friction
  • Creating a faster & better site that works the way you intended
Search Engine Optimisation

The organic search landscape is constantly changing. An interactive approach to search engine optimization is a must to measure and refine your results. Small businesses and SMEs need to seamlessly integrate and execute their organic strategy, else they will fail to beat the competition.

It all begins with the right keyword research! To make your web pages rank for the right keywords, you need to research on those terms and phrases that are driving higher search volume. If you know the phrases you need to target, you can estimate the correct costs and returns from SEO. Also, keyword research and analysis are the key to understanding your competitors’ actions. 

We truly understand that by ranking for the right keywords, you will get more visitors on your website who are relevant to your business. You don’t need to spend hours on lengthy spreadsheets and graphs as we will do the extensive keyword examination and analysis for you. At the same time, we will highlight the vital marketing performance metrics, so that you can prioritize your actions and beat your keyword competition.

  •  SEO Optimization for Traffic & Conversion
  •  Analysing the Value of Every Keyword
  •  Monthly search volume against the level of competition
  •  Understanding the Long Tail of Keyword Demand
  •       Assessing Keyword Difficulty

On-page SEO is the key to optimizing individual web pages and generating more traffic through search engines. But only a few players in the business arena manage to move beyond the cliché when it comes to keyword targeting and on-page SEO. Also, there are frequent updates in the world of on-page SEO, making it hard to keep up with the latest practices while managing your core business processes simultaneously. However, you can’t afford to miss out on the power of good on-page SEO in the era of link building and content marketing. 

We are there to offer you the most comprehensive on-page SEO analysis that will result in better ranking in search engines. With expert assistance, you can take all those measures directly from the website to upgrade its position in the search rankings.

  •   Suggest on-page content that stands apart
  •  Suggest tips for easy navigation
  •  Design pages to be browser and device responsive
  •  Make your website keyword targeted and multi device ready
  •   Optimize website keywords in your website architecture

                      Ensure revenue-driven On-Page SEO experience

For a successful SEO campaign, a robust off-site SEO strategy is as important as your on-page SEO efforts. While on-page SEO activities help you improve your website rankings or traffic, off-site SEO is important to further convert interested prospects into leads and achieve profitable returns on your SEO investment.

We, at SISL, are actively involved in combining different proven methodologies for off-page SEO and helping businesses benefit from industry best practices in all their off-site organic promotion tasks. We understand that off-page optimization is an ongoing process, and accordingly suggest those SEO practices which are diverse yet relevant to your business objective. Connect with us to witness unparalleled increase in your website ranking and gain more exposure among your targeted customers.

  • Strategic Content Production and Marketing
  • Expert Lead Tracking & Validation
  • Link bait and viral marketing
  •  Social bookmarking & blog commenting
  •  Social outreach & blog marketing
  •  Video sharing & forum posting
  • Content syndication
  • Influencer campaigns
  • Experiential activations